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Nosouno is a company specialized in providing professional hiring services in Vietnam.

Labor leasing is when a worker enters into a labor contract with a labor user, who is a business leasing labor, then the worker is transferred to work under the management of another labor user while maintaining the labor relationship with the leasing labor user who initially contracted the labor.

Thus, during the labor contract process, there will be 03 parties involved. These parties include:

  • Labor leasing enterprises: Labor leasing enterprises are businesses established according to the provisions of the Enterprise Law, granted licenses to lease labor, engage in recruitment, contract labor with workers, then transfer workers to work under the management of other labor users while still maintaining labor relations with the leasing enterprise that contracted the labor (referred to as the leasing enterprise).
  • The labor user is a business, organization, cooperative, household, or individual with full civil capacity, using leased workers to perform tasks within the permitted list of leased labor tasks for a certain period.
  • Leased workers are workers with full civil capacity, recruited and contracted by the leasing enterprise, then transferred to work and managed by the labor user.

According to the provisions of Article 52 of the Labor Code 2019: Labor leasing is a conditional business sector, only to be conducted by enterprises with a labor leasing operation license and applies to certain specified tasks.

The specific conditions are as follows:

According to the provisions of Article 54 of the Labor Code 2019:

  • Labor leasing enterprises must make a deposit and be granted a Labor Leasing Operation License.
  • Comply with the deposit requirement and the list of industries and professions as regulated by the Government.


Nosouno fully complies with the conditions for providing labor leasing services, including the following:

  • Has registered and been granted a business license in the field of human resources and labor leasing as regulated. Wherein:
  • The legal representative is directly the business manager as regulated by the Business Law.
  • Has experience in expertise and management in the field of human resources and labor leasing.
  • Has made a deposit at a Commercial Bank according to Article 21 of Government Decree 145/2020.


Nosouno adheres to the principles of labor leasing operations according to Article 53 of the Labor Code 2019 as follows:

  • The maximum duration for leasing labor to a worker is 12 months.
  • The labor lessee is allowed to use leased labor in the following cases:
  • To temporarily meet a sudden increase in labor demand within a certain period;
  • To replace workers during maternity leave, labor accidents, occupational diseases, or fulfilling civic duties;
  • To meet the need for high-skilled technical and professional labor.
  • The labor lessee is not allowed to use leased labor in the following cases:
  • To replace workers who are exercising the right to strike, resolving labor disputes;
  • Without a specific agreement on the responsibility for compensating for occupational accidents and diseases of the leased workers with the labor leasing enterprise;
  • To replace workers who have been terminated due to changes in structure, technology, for economic reasons, or due to division, merger, consolidation, acquisition.
  • The labor lessee is not allowed to transfer leased workers to another employer; not allowed to use leased workers provided by enterprises without a Labor Leasing Operation License.


Why choose Nosouno as a partner for labor leasing?

  • We are qualified to provide services in human resources and labor leasing;
  • We always comply with legal regulations in our service field to ensure the rights of all parties;
  • Nosouno has a professional human resources team, ready to advise and support our clients and their leased workers promptly.
  • With our resources and experience, we will help our clients avoid labor disruptions to maintain production and business activities.


Additionally, we will:

  • Ensure the provision of workers with qualifications that match the requirements of the labor lessee and the content of the labor contract signed with the worker
  • Inform the worker about the content of the labor leasing contract
  • Notify the labor lessee about the worker’s resume, and the worker’s requirements;
  • Ensure the payment of wages to leased workers at not less than the wages of the labor lessee’s workers with the same qualifications, doing the same or equivalent value work;


Why should workers trust and choose Nosouno as their employment agency and support service?

  • Receive wages no less than the wages of employees of the lessee with the same level of qualification, doing the same job or a job of equivalent value;
  • Negotiate termination of the employment contract with the labor leasing enterprise to sign an employment contract with the lessee.
  • Be guaranteed rights as per the law and agreements in the employment contract between the two parties.
  • We have extensive information and accurately assess opportunities with potential clients to help workers find suitable employment and income.
  • During the employment period, workers will receive advice, support, and training to enhance their abilities to meet job requirements.
  • Workers have many opportunities to learn and experience new environments, processes, and fields of work.


When should a company choose a headhunter service?

  • The company experiences temporary labor disruptions, such as maternity leave, illness, etc.
  • The company has new or seasonal tasks that arise without preparation for recruitment and training.
  • There is a demand for labor requiring high specialization and technical skills for specific tasks and requirements.
  • A new project starts, the company has not yet organized its personnel at the unit or departments are not yet operating stably, requiring experienced personnel to stabilize in a short time.
  • Unforeseen fluctuations cause the company to urgently need personnel to stabilize the organizational structure…


What are the advantages of labor leasing and direct recruitment?

  • The company does not waste time and costs in searching for and training new personnel;
  • The company does not spend time on procedures related to Insurance, taxes, etc., as per the law;
  • The company does not directly resolve disagreements or disputes with workers during the service.
  • Minimizes the possibility of personnel disruptions during production and business operations.


Nosouno’s collaboration process:

Step 1: Place requests and provide information

Step 2: Discuss service fees and sign the contract

Step 3: Evaluate information and screen suitable personnel

Step 4: Discuss and train again so that personnel can grasp the new job.

Step 5: Transfer personnel as per the signed contract agreement.

Step 6: Monitor, evaluate, and warranty the service.

Step 7: Contract termination. After determining the contract termination time, both parties can discuss further requirements. One of these is personnel transfer, which is also one of our services that is chosen and trusted by many “Personnel Provision Service”.

Trust and contact Nosouno for advice and to use the best of our services.