Goal Planner: How to Use Your Goal Planner

16/03/2023by dang tin0

How to Use Your Goal Planner

The purpose of this goal planner is to enable you to decide exactly what you want in every area of your life, and then to help you achieve it. A central theme of Maximum Achievement is that you can have anything you want, as long as you know what it is. Clarity is essential. People are failures at life, not because they lack ability or opportunity, but because they lack clarity about goals and means to accomplish them. At the start of this planner, you are asked to think about your goals in several areas of your life. You will then be asked to set priorities on your goals and organize them in order of importance to you. With your goals clearly before you, you are asked to select your most important goal, the one goal that, when you achieve it, will enable you to achieve many of your other goals as well.

You are asked to set goals in several areas of your life, and organize them by priority, as well. In each case the question you ask yourself is: “What do I really want? What are my real goals in life?” You are asked to think about your major goals based on ten goal-achieving criteria. You are asked to rewrite your goals every day, and make plans for their accomplishment. You will become a more skilled thinker with every word you write, with every idea you generate, with every bit of intense, thoughtful effort you put into writing and rewriting your goals.

Hard, systematic work is necessary. Self-discipline is required. Continuous action toward your goals must take place every day. The pay-off? You will take complete charge of your life and turn yourself into an unstoppable, goal-achieving personality. Your self-confi dence and self-esteem will increase daily. Your self-image will improve. Your ability to persist in the face of adversity will go up. You will become more focused, directed and channeled, like a mighty river, moving forward over all obstacles to create the kind of life you desire.

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