Time Management: Delegate to Others

14/03/2023by dang tin0

Delegate to Others

ONE OF THE GREATEST time management tools is for you to get someone else to do the task completely. Your ability to delegate lower-value tasks to others who can do them at a lower hourly rate or salary is one of the vital skills of modern management. Delegate everything you possibly can to others who can do the tasks as well as or better than you. Use the “70 percent rule.” If someone else can do a particular task 70 percent as well as you, this job is a prime candidate for you to get off your plate and on to that person’s plate.

Multiply Your Value

Delegation enables you to move from what you can do personally to what you can manage. Delegation is the skill that allows you to leverage your talent and skill and multiply it times all the people who can be given smaller parts of the work. You always have a choice. You can do it yourself, or you can have someone else do it. High productivity requires that you always think in terms of the latter approach: “Who else can do this job rather than me?”

Delegation Is Learnable

Learn the skills of proper delegation. (I have written an entire minibook in this series that tells you everything you need to know to maximize your productivity through other people.) Choose the right person to handle each task. Provide time lines, deadlines, standards of performance, and a review schedule. You can also delegate problem solving and decision making if they are among your duties and responsibilities. You can delegate information gathering and research. You can delegate every task that anyone else can do as well as (or almost as well as) you.

With the skill of delegation, which is readily learnable, there is no limit that you cannot reach in your professional career. But without the ability to delegate efficiently and well, you will always end up with too much to do and too lit- tle time. You will end up doing too many things of low value or no value. You will never get caught up and on top of your job. And this can hurt your career. The best news is that all business skills are learnable. Every idea in this book is something that you can master with practice and repetition. You can become absolutely excellent at managing your time and go on to double and triple your productivity in the months and years ahead.

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